IMG_1429Welcome. I’ve been a correspondent and contributor writing feature articles, news items and product evaluations since the early 1980’s, mainly in the motorcycling field but also in the classic car area as well.  In Australia, the titles in which I’ve been published include, Bike Australia, Revs Motorcycle News, Australian Motorcycle News,  Two Wheels, British Bikes, Streetbike, Australian Classic Car and recently Australian Motorcyclist and SALife magazine. Overseas the titles include Classic Racer (UK), Classic and Sports Car (UK) and Extra Edition Motorcyclist (Japan).

Also in 1991 I received funding from FilmSouth, which was part of the South Australian Department for the Arts, to write a first draft for a two-part  TV mini-series which I completed in 1992.

The purpose of this blog is to get my articles out of the filing cabinet and into cyber space  so that others can, I hope,  enjoy them.  I will also be adding to this material with new articles, observations and comments on motorcycling in general.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Geoff Dawes.

MotoVue and VueMoto (C)  Geoff Dawes 2013


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